A Delicious Snack That’s Super Nutritious

for Athletes and Non-Athletes Alike – CHIA SHOOTER!

Do you need more sustained energy and stamina throughout your day? Do you need to add more nutrition to your diet? Then ChiaShooter is the perfect nutritional snack for you!

In the world of health, the tiny, mighty, and – yes – almost “magical” Chia seed has become the “go-to” supplement for endurance athletes because they pack an amazingly powerful nutritional punch that gives you the “staying power” to get through your day, your workout, your run, your hike, your ride – or whatever you’re engaged in.  ChiaShooter is the perfect snack whether you’re training for a marathon, or you just want to boost your nutritional profile. ChiaShooter gives you the energy to be your best!

But ChiaShooters aren’t just for runners and athletes – the nutritional value of ChiaShooter helps keep every member of your busy family balanced and energized throughout the day – whether they skip meals, forget to eat, or tend to fill up on junk foods. And packaged in single-serving packets, they’re an easy to carry super-snack – quick and convenient.

For everyday health and nutrition just take ChiaShooter with you. Keep a couple of ChiaShooter packets in your purse, put them in your kid’s lunches, or slip them into your spouse’s briefcase. ChiaShooters are a delicious, fast “pick-me-up” throughout your busy day – whether you’re a dedicated athlete or a busy mom with a family! ChiaShooter – When you need to keep going

ChiaShooters are a blend of organic Chia seeds and delicious, dark Guittard chocolate combined with almonds – it’s delicious right out of the packet – or use them to punch up the flavor and nutrition of your favorite foods. You can use ChiaShooter so many ways! So try it in: